Getting Started / 10+ Essentials

Hikers should be prepared for weather changes and carry with them raingear, hats, gloves, and jackets, as appropriate. Sturdy footwear is essential. Each hiker should also carry the 10+ essentials:

10+ Essentials
  • map & compass
  • fire starters (matches, candle, lighter)
  • tools, e.g. knife
  • first aid supplies including prescription medications
  • flashlight & extra batteries
  • emergency shelter, e.g. survival blanket
  • sunglasses & sunscreen
  • water bottle & extra water
  • extra clothing -- synthetic or wool (wet cotton doesn't insulate)
  • extra food
More comprehensive lists can be found elsewhere:

Washington Trails Association's "Ten Essentials" web page is here.

The Mountaineers Hiking Basics brochure (PDF) can be downloaded from this page (click on hikebasics_web2.pdf).